Welcome to Hanging with Sloths!

Hello, and thanks for hanging out with us here!

Sloths are adorable, huh?

You’re here because you’ve been lured by their irresistable charm. That grin. Their eyes. Those fingers.

That’s how they sucked me in too. But there’s more to sloths than their good looks. So much more. And that’s why Hanging with Sloths exists. Because you’re not shallow. You love sloths for their whole being, not just their glorious outward appearance.

Science loves sloths too!

The more you start to look, the more fascinating you realise sloths are. They are basically furry ecosystems that hang from branches. There’s stuff in their coat that could hold the cure for diseases. That’s more than you or I could say!

Yet sloths are in danger. Endangered. It’s not ok. And together we can figure out how to help them (and maybe indirectly help ourselves as a result).

Hang with us, and help our friends the sloths.

Education is always the answer. So let’s educate ourselves. And while we do that, it’s totally ok to geek out over how cute they are. Or even how cute that particular pair of shoes with sloths on them is. Because wearing sloths is totally spreading awareness, right?

If there’s anything you’d like to know about sloths, please comment below and I’ll do my very best to find the answer for you.

All the best,


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