20 awesome sloth clipart designs for your next sloth craft project

Is there anything more perfect than hanging around the house in your sloth pyjamas, having a slothful Sunday crafternoon?

No, I don’t think so either.

As all sloth lovers know, being slow is nothing to be ashamed of. But I must admit to being very slow to discovering the world of the cutting machine.

Crafting is awesome, but sometimes cutting out all those small and intricate pieces can be tiresome and time consuming. So my ears prick up when I hear that the Cricut Maker can cut over 100 different types of materials. That’s a lot of materials! Is there a craft that wouldn’t be made easier by such a machine??

I don’t have a Cricut yet, but it is totally on my list of things to buy. And since discovering all the awesome sloth cutting files around, the Cricut has bumped itself up to the top of my crafty wish list.

But in the meantime, for you lucky sloth-loving cutting-machine-owning crafter – here’s a list of sloth cutting files and clipart to add to your crafty shopping basket.

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Watercolor Sloth Clip Art Set

This set looks perfect for baby gifts. Nothing improves a plain old baby romper quite like a gorgeous little watercolor sloth. With this set in your crafting library you’ll never be stuck for ideas for creating gifts for baby showers, naming ceremonies or first birthdays.

watercolor we love sloths clipart.

Sloth Mode Cutting File

I think this would be perfect for a pyjama shirt, but there are no limits to the type of project you could create with this cute sloth SVG file.

sloth mode file for cutting machine

Sloth Polygonzoo Cutting File

How cool is this design? Perfect for the teen or college student sloth lover. Available in svg, pdf, dxf and png plus a pdf instruction file.

sloth svg cutting file polygon style

Slackadelic Sloth Clipart Bundle

This set of 15 sleepy sloths is designed with invitations, scrapbooking, cards and printables in mind. Available as jpeg, png and ai files – and comes with 3 bonus patterns.

sloth clipart bundle

Home Sloth Cutting File

How adorable is this? I want to know how to transfer this on to carpet, can anyone tell me?

Otherwise, it would also look great on a sign, or on a pillow for your couch or bed. Or even a blanket! So many ideas…

sloth cuddling the word home on a welcome mat

Slow Brew Sloth Logo

Perfect for a coffee cup or travel mug, or a smoothie glass. Use this SVG file in your cutting machine, create the transfer, whack it on your gift of choice and delight a person you love.

slow brew sloth imitation starbucks logo


Slow Summer Days Sloth

Perhaps there’s a little girl in your life (or maybe she’s not so little), who loves both sloths AND flamingos?

Her dreams have just come true.

sloth drinking cocktail on a flamingo floatie

Let’s get philoslothical cutting file

Philosophy sloth is one of my favourite memes. Here’s another philoslother for your crafting pleasure.

lets get philoslothical sloth with glasses


Let it Go Yoga Sloth

Yoga shirt, yoga pants, yoga drink bottle perhaps? Or maybe a meditation journal?

Actually, any time is a good time to be reminded to let it go – so stick this sloth on anything you can think of.

sloth doing yoga with caption let it go

Slothie coffee sloth

Now this sloth is my spirit animal.

Slothee: one who savors coffee as sustenance.

Plus, a portion of this sale goes to a non-kill animal rescue shelter. Philoslother sloth would approve.

slothee coffee sloth

Slow the Sloth Down

This one’s from the same seller, Downloads that Donate, and so a portion of your money will go to animal charities. As if you needed another reason to purchase this cutie.

peach colored tee with jeans and glasses

Mandala Sloth

Sloth plus mandala equals love.

blue mandala sloth on a white tee

And here’s another mandala sloth, perhaps for your wall?

mandala sloth with flower

Jungle Friends Clipart Set

Another set of clipart animals that’s perfect for the little ones. Baby shower invitations, baby’s first year scrapbook, nursery accessories – they’ll all be adorable with this sweet little sloth and her jungle friends adorning them.

jungle friends clipart set


Glitter Sloths Clipart

If anything’s missing from your life, it’s glitter sloths.

Luckily, this can be fixed with an instant download.

glitter sloths clipart

Ask me about my sloth

Is there a toddler in existence who wouldn’t love the opportunity to flash their belly when you ask them about their sloth?

No. There is not.

ask me about my sloth toddler tshirt

A gift for tea lovers?

How lovely is this lovely cup with this lovely sloth on it? SO lovely! I’m sure you, or someone you know, would find your hot drink to be extra lovely when sipped out of  this.

black line drawn sloth on a white cup

Be happy sloth

All sloths want is for us to be happy. It’s the least we can do for them. 

black line drawn sloth on a white tote bag

Sloth cutting file mega bundle

130 sloth designs in one bundle! Cute sloths, valentine sloths, funny sloths, coloring book sloths – they’re all here. And if you don’t find the sloth that you want in this bundle, just email the designer and he’ll create it for you at no extra cost!

cute sloths valentine sloths color book sloths cutting files

Sleepy watercolor sloth clipart

Ok, this one’s perfect for baby’s nursery. He or she can snooze in good company – a beautifully handpainted sloth, elephant, koala, panda and raccoon, along with stars, bow ties, clouds and moons.

sleeping animals watercolor clip art set


Phew, just thinking of all the sloth crafting projects to be done makes me feel very slothful myself. I’ll just have a little nap while you get busy with some awesome sloth DIY projects.

Show me your pictures please!