Sleeping like a sloth – in your awesome sloth pajamas

Pajamas, pyjamas, PJs, jammies – no matter what you call them, they should always be covered in sloths.

Because sloths like to sleep. And you like to sleep. You like to sleep in your pajamas. And sloths like to sleep on your pajamas.

Now, we here at Hanging with Sloths understand that shopping around for the perfect sloth pajama takes up valuable sleeping time – so we’ve done all the work for you. Try to keep your eyes open long enough to click on the perfect sloth PJ for you, and soon you and your slumbering sloth buddies will be spectacularly soporific.

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Sloth pajamas for babies and kids

Summer sloth pajamas

Ranging in size from 3 months to 8 years, your kids’ summertime sleepwear situation is sorted with these delightfully colorful, organic cotton sloths. 

summer sloth kids pajamas

Christmas sloth pajamas

Set all the babies and toddlers in the family up for the perfect Christmas Eve photograph in their matching Christmas sloth pajamas.

little boy in blue christmas sloth pajamas

4 piece stripey sloth sleepwear

Kids can mix and match their sloths and bottoms to their sleepy heart’s delight with this super cute four piece set.

four piece sloth pajama set for children

DJ Sleep-E Sloth

Here’s a cute summer sloth pajama set for your little music lover.

DJ Sloth summer pajamas for kids

Cozy dreams (about sloths)

Another sweet four piece set with choice of long pants or shorts. 

sloth pajamas four piece set for girls

Sloth onesie

Your baby sloth will be extra adorable decked out in this pink sloth onesie.

pink sloths on baby onesie

Ninja sloth pajamas

We all know how stealthy sloths are. Just like ninjas. 

four piece ninja sloth pyjamas for kids

Sequin sloths

Kids will love this reversible sequin sloth and funky tie dye pants.

summer sloth pajama set for girls

Sloth life!

Happy Lazy Sleepy Party! Live the sloth life in your jammies and sloth sleep mask.

happy lazy sleepy party sloth pajama set for girls

Sloth pajamas for women

Sloth romper

This set is perfect for lazy summer days in your PJs.

sloth pajamas for women

Summer sloth sleepwear

Cute and bright shorts and tee pajama set.

summer sloth pyjamas for women

Slow in the morning sleepshirt

If you’re more of a nightie person, look no further than this one.

slow in the morning sloth night shirt

Sloth pajamas for men

Sloth nap

Perfect for pairing with some comfy pants for your slothful Sunday afternoon nap.

grey crewneck sweatshirt sloth nap

Am I slow?

The world is unnecessarily fast. Take pride in taking things slow like a sloth.

black and white sloth pyjamas for men


Now you’ve found your sloth pajamas you can sleep soundly knowing that you are covered in the cutest sleep experts in the world.


Gifts for sloth lovers: sloth stuff for Dad

Is your dad the kind of guy who just loves to take things slow? Does he appreciate the fine art of just hanging around?

It sounds like he needs a sloth gift for Father’s Day.

Even the traditional Father’s Day gifts of socks, ties and underpants have the potential to be Dad’s favorite present (and you, his favorite offspring) when they show off his spirit animal.

So check out this list of the coolest sloth gifts and get ready to rock your Dad’s sloth socks off this Father’s Day.

This page contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Parachuting sloth socks

Does your dad dream of adventure? Jumping out of a plane is something he’ll totally do, as soon as he gets off the couch?

Here is the perfect sock for him.

Sloth pajamas

It’s all relative, right? Dad’s not slow. Everything else is just too fast.

Pirate sloth on a unicorn sweatpants

Not for the shy and retiring type Dad. More for the fabulous, extroverted type Dad.

Beware of the Sloth sign

Does Dad have a man (or sloth) cave? This is just what it’s missing.

Sloth Xbox One Controller Wrap

Lounging in his sloth-sign-posted man cave, in his sloth pajamas, playing video games with his sloth controller. Now that’s a Father’s Day.

Slothzilla Shower Curtain

Why not combine this awesome sloth shower curtain…

With this sloth soap

For the ultimate sudsy slothy shower experience.

Astronaut sloth mousepad

Remind Dad that slow and steady always wins the (space) race.

Genuine Leather Sloth Keychain

Every set of keys should have a sloth hanging off them.

Sloth golf headcover

Remind Dad to slooooooow down his swing.

Sloth Car Decal

Dad won’t mind having an extra passenger in the back seat when the passenger is this awesome sloth.

Sloth riding a laser-eyed T-Rex shirt

I knew sloths were badass, but this takes it to the extreme.

Sloth tee

But if you think Dad would prefer something a bit more subdued, I suggest this one.

Sloth trucker hat

Keep Dad sun-safe and sloth-covered all at once.

Dad works hard to be so awesome. He deserves a slothful Father’s Day of rest.

Wishing your dad a very happy father’s day.