Sleeping like a sloth – in your awesome sloth pajamas

Pajamas, pyjamas, PJs, jammies – no matter what you call them, they should always be covered in sloths.

Because sloths like to sleep. And you like to sleep. You like to sleep in your pajamas. And sloths like to sleep on your pajamas.

Now, we here at Hanging with Sloths understand that shopping around for the perfect sloth pajama takes up valuable sleeping time – so we’ve done all the work for you. Try to keep your eyes open long enough to click on the perfect sloth PJ for you, and soon you and your slumbering sloth buddies will be spectacularly soporific.

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Sloth pajamas for babies and kids

Summer sloth pajamas

Ranging in size from 3 months to 8 years, your kids’ summertime sleepwear situation is sorted with these delightfully colorful, organic cotton sloths. 

summer sloth kids pajamas

Christmas sloth pajamas

Set all the babies and toddlers in the family up for the perfect Christmas Eve photograph in their matching Christmas sloth pajamas.

little boy in blue christmas sloth pajamas

4 piece stripey sloth sleepwear

Kids can mix and match their sloths and bottoms to their sleepy heart’s delight with this super cute four piece set.

four piece sloth pajama set for children

DJ Sleep-E Sloth

Here’s a cute summer sloth pajama set for your little music lover.

DJ Sloth summer pajamas for kids

Cozy dreams (about sloths)

Another sweet four piece set with choice of long pants or shorts. 

sloth pajamas four piece set for girls

Sloth onesie

Your baby sloth will be extra adorable decked out in this pink sloth onesie.

pink sloths on baby onesie

Ninja sloth pajamas

We all know how stealthy sloths are. Just like ninjas. 

four piece ninja sloth pyjamas for kids

Sequin sloths

Kids will love this reversible sequin sloth and funky tie dye pants.

summer sloth pajama set for girls

Sloth life!

Happy Lazy Sleepy Party! Live the sloth life in your jammies and sloth sleep mask.

happy lazy sleepy party sloth pajama set for girls

Sloth pajamas for women

Sloth romper

This set is perfect for lazy summer days in your PJs.

sloth pajamas for women

Summer sloth sleepwear

Cute and bright shorts and tee pajama set.

summer sloth pyjamas for women

Slow in the morning sleepshirt

If you’re more of a nightie person, look no further than this one.

slow in the morning sloth night shirt

Sloth pajamas for men

Sloth nap

Perfect for pairing with some comfy pants for your slothful Sunday afternoon nap.

grey crewneck sweatshirt sloth nap

Am I slow?

The world is unnecessarily fast. Take pride in taking things slow like a sloth.

black and white sloth pyjamas for men


Now you’ve found your sloth pajamas you can sleep soundly knowing that you are covered in the cutest sleep experts in the world.


Sloth books for kids: 10 great story books about sloths

Are you looking for a sweet little story book to read to your sloth loving kids at night? Or are you a teacher looking for some books to fill your classroom library that will nicely supplement your rainforest teaching unit?

We’ve had a good slow look around and found what we think are the best story books about sloths. Check them out!

This page contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Bedtime for Baby Sloth

There’s a lot that baby sloth needs to do before she can possibly go to bed. Sound familiar?

Snoozefest by Samantha Berger

A very cute and colorful rhyming story about a sloth who heads to Snoozefest. This gentle spoof of musical festivals will even keep parents amused (which is always a good thing when you have to read a book eleventy hundred times).

Sloth at the Zoom by Helaine Becker

A sweet and funny story about the importance of taking things slow and not hurtling through life all the time. Great for preschoolers.

Super Sloth by Robert Starling

Superheroes are super fast! Sloths, not so much. So what is a sloth to do when he has big dreams about saving the world?

This is a sweet story about learning to use your natural strengths to your advantage.

Jellycat Cyril’s Big Adventure by Lizzie Walkley

Follow Cyril on his big adventure around a busy city. For those who want a more sensory experience, you can buy Cyril himself to cuddle up with while you read.

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Super Sloth by Amelia Cobb

Part of the lovely series called Zoe’s Rescue Zoo, about a girl who lives with her mum (the zoo vet) at a zoo. Zoe can talk to the animals!

Perfect for any animal loving child, around the 5-7 year age bracket, to be read to. Or maybe a bit older if they prefer to read to themselves.

Peter & Ernesto: The Lost Sloths by Graham Annable

Do you have a child that doesn’t love to read? Graphic novels, or comics, are usually a great way to introduce the joy of books to kids who don’t find reading fun. This is a fun tale about two sloth friends who go on an adventure to find a new tree after their last one is destroyed in a hurricane.

Lea Leads the Way (Girl of the Year) by Lisa Yee

Lea Clark was the American Girl doll Girl of the Year in 2016, and this is the book that tells her story. During a hike in the rainforest with her brother, Lea finds a badly injured baby sloth and must do all she can to help it survive. But is she doing the right thing?

Great for sloth lovers and American Girl doll appreciators.

Mervin the Sloth is about to do the best thing in the world by Colleen AF Venable

But what IS the best thing in the world??

This is a kind of quirky story book so check out the pictures to see if you like the style before you buy. But, you never know what’s going to appeal to kids -sometimes it’s what we least expect.

The Sloth who slowed us down by Margaret Wild

Margaret Wild was a favorite of my two kids when they were little. I swear I read Baby Boomsticks at least 1000 times.

Now Margaret has a book about a sweet sloth who helps a fast paced family slow down to appreciate what they have.

Do you have another favorite story book about sloths? Share it in the comments and share the sloth love with other storybook-loving, sloth-appreciating kiddos.

How to win Halloween and party like a sloth

Whether it’s for Halloween, a fancy dress party, a school play or just an intense desire to lounge around the house dressed as a sloth, there is a sloth costume for you.

person in party sloth costume lying on lounge

Check out this round up of the best sloth costumes available for you and your kids.

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Sloth mask

Perhaps you’re already covered in moth-riddled, algae-tinged, backwards-lying fur and you just need something to transform your head into a sloth?

Go for this mask.

Sloth costume for newborn

Get that photographer booked in. This is perfect for your newborn’s photo session.

newborn baby wearing crochet sloth costume

Sloth costume for baby

Your baby is already gorgeous, but why don’t you multiply his or her adorability factor a few times with this costume. Your baby sloth will be the hit of any party.

Sloth costume for kids

This one’s not available until September 2019, but get yourself on the mailing list to be notified when it’s arrived, and get all smug because you’ve got Halloween organised months before the actual event.

Also, don’t forget it’s International Day of the Sloth on October 20th, in case your kid needs another excuse to rock the sloth costume during the month of October.

Sloth costume for the whole family

This one comes in both adult and kid size! Imagine the joy that will come from dressing up the whole family as three toed sloths and taking a slow stroll through the neighbourhood.

Sloth Mascot costume

I think this is the Pale Throated Three Toed Sloth. Would you agree?

Sloth mask for kids

Has your little one got an animal dress up party to go to? Or a school performance? You don’t want anything too extravagant, but it’s gotta be cute right?

Adult cosplay sloth costume

This one’s made from polar fleece, so should keep you cozy and warm as you sloth on the couch (either at home or at the party).

Flash Slothmore mask

Team this with a green shirt, striped tie and beige pants and head off to your job at the DMV.

flash slothmore with coffee cup

Sloth costume for your dog

We must not forget our four legged family member’s need for a sloth dress up costume.

We must not.

Please share your best sloth dress up costume pics with us in the comments!

Sloth blankets: Cuddle up with some sloths while you sloth!

Anyone can own a blanket. But only the coolest types have their very own sloth blanket.

Snuggling up in front of the tv, or with a good book, wrapped in a warm fleecy sloth blanket is truly a heaven like experience.

And when it’s too hot for such things? That’s ok! Take your very own sloth picnic blanket outside and show your sloth some sights.

And when babies come along – it’s super important that you introduce them to the greatness of sloths as soon as possible. What better way than with a sloth blankie!

Check out my roundup of the best sloth blankets out there. And please let me know if you see any others that you think belong on this list!

This page contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Sloth picnic blanket

It’s starting to get a bit warm outside. You think that maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to venture outdoors again. Well, I think I┬áhave found the perfect companion for you.

The beauty of this blanket (apart from the sloths) is that it’s a great sized picnic blanket with a waterproof bottom that will keep you dry. And it’s ok if it gets a bit grubby because you can throw it in the washing machine. Win!

But what’s even more awesome is that you can use it all year round. Outdoor blanket in the warmer months, snuggly fleece blanket when it’s colder. You can even rug up in it outside. The fleece will keep you warm and the polyester backing will keep the rain off you.

Funny sloth blanket

A sloth riding through the galaxy on a pizza. No more words required.

Sloth security blanket

Babies love their security blankets. I was so attached to mine, for so long, that my mother actually had to secretly cut pieces off it, so that it got smaller and smaller without me noticing. One day it just didn’t exist anymore.

All I can say is she’s lucky that blanket wasn’t a sloth.

Babies aren’t going to be able to help growing attached to this sloth lovey. Possibly for many years to come.

Try to keep the scissors away from their moms.

Hooded sloth blanket

Nothing keeps you quite as warm as a hooded fleece blanket. Not only will your body be warmed, but so will your heart, because nothing warms your heart quite like a cuddle from a sloth.

Sloth taggie blanket

Babies love tags. They’re so weird!

But we all know there’s nothing weird about loving sloths. So get your baby on the right track nice and early with a cuddly little sloth taggie.

Sloth fleece blanket

A sloth riding a llama – no drama!

Sloth swaddle blanket

Getting wrapped up so tightly in sloths that you can hardly move? Sounds quite nice. Pity it only comes in baby size.

Sloth throw blanket

I know you want a photo of a Brown Throated Sloth on your blanket. Here ya go.

Sloth duvet

Ok so it’s probably technically not a blanket. But it does all the same things!

And it lives on your bed so that you can say good night and good morning to your sloths every day!

And it keeps you warm.

And it looks super cute.

Sloth throw and pillow set

There’s no rules that say that this is for babies only. Or kids.

No rules that say that anywhere. I’ve looked.

Please send me pics of you being cuddled by sloth blankets. It would make me happy.

Collection of the best sloth blankets
Best sloth blankets!