Don’t hurry, be happy! Relax with a great sloth coloring page (or maybe a whole book)

Feeling stressed? Friends and family have advised you to slow down, hang out, be slothful? Coloring in is a well known stress reliever, and what better subject to focus on, while you practice being mindful, than our beloved sloths?

Maybe you’ve just exhausted the selection of freebie sloth coloring pages on the internet. You’re serious about your sloth coloring in and are prepared to fork over the money to prove it.

Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves both coloring in and sloths – so a beautiful collection of sloth coloring in pictures presented in a good looking book is just the thing you’re after.

In any case, this selection of sloth coloring is the answer to all of your problems.

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A Million Sloths

Lulu Mayo has a delightful range of coloring books called A Million Creatures to Color Series, and A Million Sloths is her fifth book in this range. Find all sorts of whimsical, chubby sloths in this super cute book (along with a bunch of other fabulous creatures too).

lulu mayo a million sloths coloring page

Sloth coloring book for adults

This book has a variety of coloring styles to choose from. You get two copies of each image, so you can share with a friend or try out different colors. And you can also download a PDF to print your favorite pages as many times as you like!

adult coloring book of sloths

Sloth coloring for preschoolers

This is a book of very simple sloths – perfect for the little sloth lovers who aren’t ready for more detailed coloring yet.

sloth coloring for preschoolers

Sloths love llamas!

96 pages of sloth and llama love, plus stickers! Cute and quirky coloring pages for sloth loving kids, from preschoolers to elementary.

sloths love llamas coloring book

Not ready to commit to a whole book? Or is it that you can’t wait for that book to arrive in the mail – you need a sloth to color in NOW!

Maybe a one page printable sloth coloring page is better suited to you. Pick and choose from these instant downloads (or get them all!)

Baby sloths in the rainforest

These simple and cute little baby sloths will really stand out (or should that be hang out?) against the detailed background.

sloths in the rainforest printable download coloring page

Floral sloth 

This sloth is looking very pleased with herself in her floral crown. Simply download her and then color her in for hours.

sloth printable download pdf coloring page

Don’t hurry, be happy

This is a great selection of adult sloth coloring pictures for sloth appreciators. Filled with lazy sloths and their motivational quotes like “Just do it slowly” and “It’s ok to take a break” – messages we can all take heed of.

adult coloring sloth download pdf

Ok – it’s time to get coloring! Be sure to share pictures of your artwork in the comments below.

Top ten free sloth coloring pages

My little girl loves sloths. And she loves coloring. Hence, we have spent a lot of time searching the world wide interwebs for good pictures of sloths to color in. This has been quite time consuming, so we decided to save you all that hard work and compile our favorite sloth coloring pages right here.

We have a range of sloths here to suit all sloth-loving coloring-insters. Simple sloths, cartoon sloths, detailed sloths for advanced color-in-er-ers. They’re all here. Please click on the headings or the images to be taken through to the fabulous websites that provide these great sloth coloring activities. This will allow you to download and print the files in their full sizes.

We’d love to see some of your results. Please post your beautiful art works in the comments!

1. Sloth color by number by Woo! Jr

coloy by number sloth
Color by numbers sloth

2. Hidden object sloth activity page by Woo! Jr

sloth coloring in page
Find the hidden objects in this sloth activity page

3. Flower sloth coloring page by Daniel DeSosa

floral sloth coloring page
Flower Sloth Adult Coloring in page

4. Cute sloth coloring in page by Kids Academy

sloth coloring page for preschoolers
Cute little cartoon sloth

5. Two-toed sloth coloring in sheet by Honking Donkey

two toed sloth coloring in page
Two fingered sloth coloring page

6. Sloths love Llamas coloring in page by Crayola

sloth riding a llama coloring sheet
Sloths love llamas!

7. Trio of tree sloths – artist unknown

adult coloring sloths
Three sloths in a tree coloring sheet

8. Mommy and baby sloth by Thaneeya Mcardle

mother and baby sloth adult coloring sheet
Mommy and baby sloth coloring in page

9. Three toed sloth coloring in page by Super Coloring

three fingered sloth color in
Three toed sloth coloring in

10. Sloth claws coloring in page by Coloring Home

sloth and baby sloth coloring in page
Sloth and her baby – with a sloth claw closeup!

We hope you enjoy coloring in all of these beautiful sloths! If you still want more – check out this post about sloth coloring books and downloadable sloth coloring pages available for purchase from talented artists around the world.

And be sure to follow Hanging with Sloths on Pinterest where we share all the great coloring in pages we can find.

Happy coloring!