Sloth blankets: Cuddle up with some sloths while you sloth!

Anyone can own a blanket. But only the coolest types have their very own sloth blanket.

Snuggling up in front of the tv, or with a good book, wrapped in a warm fleecy sloth blanket is truly a heaven like experience.

And when it’s too hot for such things? That’s ok! Take your very own sloth picnic blanket outside and show your sloth some sights.

And when babies come along – it’s super important that you introduce them to the greatness of sloths as soon as possible. What better way than with a sloth blankie!

Check out my roundup of the best sloth blankets out there. And please let me know if you see any others that you think belong on this list!

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Sloth picnic blanket

It’s starting to get a bit warm outside. You think that maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to venture outdoors again. Well, I think I┬áhave found the perfect companion for you.

The beauty of this blanket (apart from the sloths) is that it’s a great sized picnic blanket with a waterproof bottom that will keep you dry. And it’s ok if it gets a bit grubby because you can throw it in the washing machine. Win!

But what’s even more awesome is that you can use it all year round. Outdoor blanket in the warmer months, snuggly fleece blanket when it’s colder. You can even rug up in it outside. The fleece will keep you warm and the polyester backing will keep the rain off you.

Funny sloth blanket

A sloth riding through the galaxy on a pizza. No more words required.

Sloth security blanket

Babies love their security blankets. I was so attached to mine, for so long, that my mother actually had to secretly cut pieces off it, so that it got smaller and smaller without me noticing. One day it just didn’t exist anymore.

All I can say is she’s lucky that blanket wasn’t a sloth.

Babies aren’t going to be able to help growing attached to this sloth lovey. Possibly for many years to come.

Try to keep the scissors away from their moms.

Hooded sloth blanket

Nothing keeps you quite as warm as a hooded fleece blanket. Not only will your body be warmed, but so will your heart, because nothing warms your heart quite like a cuddle from a sloth.

Sloth taggie blanket

Babies love tags. They’re so weird!

But we all know there’s nothing weird about loving sloths. So get your baby on the right track nice and early with a cuddly little sloth taggie.

Sloth fleece blanket

A sloth riding a llama – no drama!

Sloth swaddle blanket

Getting wrapped up so tightly in sloths that you can hardly move? Sounds quite nice. Pity it only comes in baby size.

Sloth throw blanket

I know you want a photo of a Brown Throated Sloth on your blanket. Here ya go.

Sloth duvet

Ok so it’s probably technically not a blanket. But it does all the same things!

And it lives on your bed so that you can say good night and good morning to your sloths every day!

And it keeps you warm.

And it looks super cute.

Sloth throw and pillow set

There’s no rules that say that this is for babies only. Or kids.

No rules that say that anywhere. I’ve looked.

Please send me pics of you being cuddled by sloth blankets. It would make me happy.

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