Gifts for sloth lovers: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Baby sloth hanging onto mom
I love hanging with my Mom!

If there’s anyone that deserves a day to sloth, it’s your mom.

And if your mom is a sloth lover, there is no better way to say I love you slow much, than with a sloth gift.

Sporty moms, book-loving moms, outdoor moms, crafty moms – there’s a sloth gift here to suit every wonderful sloth loving mom.

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Say it with a sloth card

Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas – you’ll have all the special occasions covered for years to come with this set of 10 beautiful sloth cards.

10 sloth gift card styles

Namastay here on my personalized sloth yoga mat

Your mom will be meditating on how lucky she is to be your mother, when you give her this awesome personalized sloth yoga mat.

Yogi Sloth Yoga Mat
Yogi Sloth Yoga Mat


Super sloth mama pillow

A super cute little pillow to go on the nursing chair, or in baby sloth’s room.

pink cushion with picture of sloth and baby and caption super mama

Give the time honored Mother’s Day gift – slippers!

We can imagine that mom will slip these on when she’s having a well deserved rest on the lounge. But most likely she’ll wear them whilst cooking dinner, helping with the homework and bouncing baby on her hip all at the same time. At least she’ll have cute and comfortable feet.

Sloth slippers

A sloth bag for carrying all those things that mom absolutely needs to carry…

Diapers, wipes, spare clothes, books, matchbox cars, favorite blanket, funny looking rocks found on our walk. You know, the essentials.

happy boho sloth floral bag hanging on wooden hook

A slightly sheer, silky surfing sloth

Mom will rock this tank top all slothing summer long.

woman wearing tank with picture of sloth surfing colorful wave

Why not add some flip flops to go with the tank?

Mom can slip on some sloths for some summer strolling.

Feelin groovy funny sloth retro hippie rainbow flip flops
Feelin groovy funny sloth retro hippie rainbow flip flops by laughanimals

Feeling slothy, need more coffee?

This sweet coffee cup will probably help mommy feel better about the ridiculously early start she had, thanks to her little darlings.

Mummy and Me sloth coffee cup

Choose from one of these slothsome tees

Not sure how you’re going to make this decision. They’re both so perfect for a sloth lovin’ mama.

Sloth with flowers, headband and glasses tshirt

Tshirt with picture of sloth and caption Mama Sloth

Sloth road trip?

Sometimes traffic moves pretty slowly, your mom’s new sloth car seat covers will appreciate that.

Mom can pop this into her drink holder while she drives

travel mug with picture of sloth drinking soft drink with a straw

And throw this blanket in the car for any impromptu picnics

Book loving mama? Sorted.

Does your mom love to read? This cup might be the perfect accompaniment to a mother’s day spent in bed with her favorite book.

Reading Sloth Coffee Mug
Reading Sloth Coffee Mug by SlothMugs

Active mama? Also sorted.

Mom can track her fitness, keep in touch and show off her love for sloths all at once.

Sloth = Love Makeup Bag by ZeldaRobertsDesigns

Smash the patriarchy, but not Mom’s iPad

Perfect gift for all the awesome feminist mamas.

ipad case with sloth holding banner that says let's smash the patriarchy

Mommy’s first Mother’s Day

Last but not least, if it’s mommy’s very first mothers day, then look no further than these two mommy sloth gifts.

Wishing all moms a very wonderful Mother’s Day. May you all enjoy a well deserved day of slothfulness.

Let me know in the comments if your mom loved one of these gifts!