Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus)

What do Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloths look like?

Linnaeus’s sloths are a tannish brown color, but they can also look kind of green, thanks to the algae that lives in their hair.

Their hair is quite long, about 170mm, and babies have darker hair that is soft and woolly.

Linnaeus’s eyes are reddish-brown in colour and their pupils are round.

They are bigger than three toed sloths. They are around 67 cm long, with a tail that is about 2 or 3cm long. They weigh roughly 6kg.

Linnaeus Two Toed Sloth

Where do Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloths live?

Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloths hang out in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and the Guyanas.

They enjoy humid, warm, neotropical lowlands. And trees, of course. They like a good well established tropical  rainforest.

Who are Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloth’s relatives?

Did you know that two fingered sloths are in the same family as the extinct giant ground sloth? Linnaeus’s, Hoffmans and the giant ground sloths are all part of the Megalonychidae family .

What are their other names?

Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloth is a bit of a mouthful really, isn’t it? So they are also known as Linne’s two toed sloth, or the southern two toed sloth, or Unau.

Why did the Linne’s Two Toed Sloth cross the road?

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