Gifts for sloth lovers: Here comes the Easter Sloth!

We all know the Easter Bunny’s job. Delivering all those millions of eggs to all the little people across the world.

It’s a big job! You need a bit of energy for that one.

Luckily that’s not the Easter Sloth’s responsibility. No, the Easter Sloth arrives after all that hopping around and hunting.

The Easter Sloth comes after all the eating of the chocolate.

Easter Sloth waits til that slightly sick feeling arrives as a result of consuming too many Easter Eggs. That’s when Easter Sloth knows her time has come.

Easter Sloth supports you in your decision to lie down. Take it easy. Digest. Relax.

Easter Sloth knows how important it is to take things slow. Especially when you have eaten too much of the good stuff.

chocolate easter bunnies

But before we get to the slothful part of Easter, we have some running around to do. Gifts to organize.

So many people, so little time!!

Luckily, Easter Sloth is here to help. She has made it easy for you by selecting her favorite sloth Easter gifts. A few clicks and your Easter gift shopping is done. How very slothful…

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Happy Easter Sloth Card

Send some Easter Sloth love to friends and family far and wide.

Easter Sloth & Eggs Happy Easter Holiday Card

Easter Sloth & Eggs Happy Easter Holiday Card by Mi_WabiSabi

Eggpsert Egg Hunter Tee Shirt

Sloths and llamas and Easter Eggs. The perfect holiday.

Cute Bunny Sloth Riding Unicorn Easter Baby Bodysuit

Cute Bunny Sloth Riding Unicorn Easter Baby Bodysuit by CoolBlackShirt

Easter Sloth Coloring book

Keep the kids busy with coloring so you can sloth on the sofa.

Easter Sloth Story book

It may be midnight before they sleep, after consuming all that sugar, but at least they’ll have a nice bedtime story to read.

Easter Sloth Tea Towels

Seems a shame to wipe sticky chocolate fingers on these lovely tea towels.

Sloth Toots Cotton Candy

Worried your kids aren’t getting enough sugar this Easter? Worried there aren’t enough fart jokes in their lives? Behold… Sloth Toots.

The Easter Sloth is coming to town… eventually

But perhaps there’s already enough sugar in your kid’s system. Give them a cute tee instead.

The Easter Sloth is coming to town baby romper

Wake me up for the egg hunt tee

It’s ok to nap before, and it’s ok to nap after. But whatever you do, don’t nap your way through the egg hunt.

Wishing you all a joyous and slothful Easter.