Sloth sounds – what noise does a sloth make?

Sloths are quiet types. They are usually silent, but if they are distressed or threatened, or looking for a mate – then they can make quite a noise!

Sloth distress call

This little baby sloth was lost and the Jaguar Rescue Center helped find Momma Sloth by playing baby’s calls over a loud speaker.

Sloth mating call

Female sloths become very loud when they are looking for a mate. Their screams travel well across the jungle canopy so the males can hear them and come to find them. Sloths are known as ‘Ai’ in certain areas, as that is the sound of their mating call.

Baby sloth sounds

Baby sloths make very cute little squeaks. But these are actually the calls the babies make when they have been separated from their moms or their favorite stuffed toy (if they’re a rescued orphan sloth, like the ones in this video)