Sloth information books: Great books full of sloth facts

Does your child have a school report to write about sloths and needs to find out all the facts and information that they can so that they can get the best grades ever? Well, these books should help make the report writing process easier. Filled with great pictures and lots of very interesting sloth facts, they will help your child to become a sloth expert in no time!

Perhaps you’re a teacher looking for books to support your unit on sloths or rainforests. You’ll find a range of books here to support learning for all ages.

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Sloth information books for younger readers (Preschool –  Grade 2 )

Animals that Live in the Rain Forest: Sloths

Sweet little book of facts about sloths for young readers. Perfect for a classroom studying the rainforest. And check out that grin on the front cover.

My first animal library: Sloths

Preschoolers and early elementary students can learn about the day in the life of a sloth (hint: it’s not action packed). This book isn’t overflowing with facts – it just has some simple information which might be enough to get younger students interested and reading for themselves.

Swing, Sloth!

Despite the title and the cover photo, this book is not exclusively about sloths. In it you will find beautiful pictures (as you would expect from National Geographic) and some basic text about a variety of different rainforest animals. Great for an introduction to the rainforest for younger students.

Slow, Slow Sloths

This book’s aimed at grade levels 1 and 2.

Elementary Explorers: Sloths

Great for a school project, or a book for the classroom library, or just for the personal collection of any fact loving 7 year old.

DK Sloths

This chapter book from the DK Readers series is aimed at students who are beginning to read by themselves. It has cute pictures and fun facts about why sloths are so slow, what makes them good swimmers and why they look so happy all the time!

DK Readers Level 2 Sloths book

Sloth information books for Elementary school

Sloths (Nature’s Children)

Aimed at readers aged 8-10, this book provides plenty of great facts about sloths. What do they eat, how do they raise their babies, what happens when they come down to the ground? Perfect for a school report about sloths.

Sharks vs Sloths

This is an engaging way to help reluctant readers learn more about both sloths and sharks. An epic battle between the two seemingly very different species will help us to decide who has the coolest hangout, the weirdest relatives, the best smile and the biggest appetite ( I have a feeling the sloth will lose out on that last competition…)

Shark vs Sloths - who will win?

How to Save a Species

This fascinating book takes a close look at some of the most endangered animals and plants on the planet. Readers will learn about the efforts being made to save species from extinction – both success stories and cases where the situation currently looks dire. 17 of the 100 most endangered species are featured in this logbook-style fact book, including the pygmy three toed sloth. Aimed at a reading level of grade 4, this should provide lots of food for thought for elementary students.

information about 17 of the most endangered species in the world

Sloth fact books for fluent readers

Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane

Although primarily this is a book of photography, it does have a lot of wonderful information about sloths in it. Dr Rebecca Cliffe is a leading sloth researcher and the book reveals some fascinating discoveries about this beautiful animal. Also, you can stare at the pictures for hours, they are lovely.

The Truth About Animals: Stoned Sloths, Lovelorn Hippos, and Other Tales from the Wild Side of Wildlife by Lucy Cooke

If you haven’t already watched Lucy Cooke’s TED talk about sloths, then I recommend you do (check it out here).

Lucy is a very entertaining and very knowledgeable author and filmmaker – and this new book looks like a fun read.

So, let us know how you went with your assignment in the comments below! And if you have another suggestion for a book we should add to the list please give it a shout out in the comments too.


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