How to draw a sloth: 10 great step by step lessons

I think it’s a shame that by the time we reach adulthood, so many of us have convinced ourselves that we don’t know how to draw (or just can’t!). All it took was one slightly critical remark (which may not even have been intended that way) and we pack away our pencils for good and tell ourselves we just aren’t all that creative.

I am certainly guilty of this. I loved drawing as a kid, but somewhere along the line I decided that I just wasn’t good enough and forevermore announced to the world that I was lousy at drawing.

But now I have a daughter, and she’s awesome at drawing. And I see how much pleasure she gets from it. So I draw along with her. And I’ve remembered how fun it is. And I’ve also realized, that the more I do it, the better I get! It’s like anything! It just takes a bit of practice.

We are so lucky to have the world of YouTube at our fingertips. Talented artists from all over the world are sharing their skills with us. For free! Let’s take advantage of these awesome lessons that are available. Let’s learn how to draw sloths!!

Here are the best How To Draw Sloths lessons I’ve found so far. They suit a range of styles, ages and abilities. I’ve ordered  them from beginner to advanced. If one doesn’t suit you there are plenty of others to choose from. So let’s get drawing!

How to Draw A Sloth by Art for Kids Hub

Learn how to draw a sloth with Artimee

How to draw a cartoon sloth with Drawing How To Draw

How to draw a cute sloth by Easy Pictures to Draw

How to draw Zootopia sloth Flash Slothmore by Draw So Cute

How to draw a sloth by Doodle with Bella

How to draw a sloth cartoon by How2DrawAnimals

How to turn the word sloth into a cartoon by Jon Harris

How to draw a sloth with Shoo Rayner

Draw a baby sloth with Wendy’s Happy Art House

As always, we’d love to see your drawings so please post them in the comments below.

When you’ve finished drawing all those sloths, you might like to check out some of our other art and craft sloth posts – like sloth coloring pages!

sloth coloring pages

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